CPI Mentor Program


Create meeting agendas

Lead meetings

Ask questions

Build relationships


Guide conversations

Challenge & support

Provide insight from experience

Build relationships


The CPI Mentor Program is an ongoing program available to interested members. If you are seeking a longer term, deeper connection with a career professional (monthly from 6 months to 1 year) you can sign up as either a mentee or a mentor by completing the survey below.

CPI Mentor/Mentee Interest Form

Who can participate?

Any member of Career Professionals of Iowa can participate. If you are unsure about your membership status, please view our member institutions or email cpi@iowa-cpi.org.

Who qualifies as a mentee or mentor?

Mentees can be in any stage of their professional journey. Mentors should have 4+ years of experience in career services.

Can I be a mentee and a mentor?

Yes! To be a mentee and a mentor, make sure to fill out registration forms for both roles.

How big of a commitment is this?

For the CPI Mentor Program, we recommend that mentors and mentees meet for one hour, once per month from March-December. Summer participation is suggested, but not required.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

The CPI Mentor Program Committee matches mentors and mentees based on the information provided in the registration surveys.

How will I meet with my mentor/mentee?

It is your preference how you and your mentor/mentee meet, but we recommend video calls on the platform of your choice.

What will we talk about?

Mentees are responsible for leading the one-on-one meetings. Participants may follow the CPI discussion guide (topic and question suggestions) or choose their own conversation topics.

Questions? Contact cpi@iowa-cpi.org.

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