Be “LinkedIn” to Your Online Presence

By: Samantha Hirschman, 2018-2019 CPI Secretary

When I attended Buena Vista University, I studied communication, business, and digital media and learned the skills needed to create and maintain a brand. Starting my career, I knew that it was important to have a strong presence online in order to create my own personal brand. It’s also important to pass this message on to our students. An online brand can be important in many fields, because it may look like a LinkedIn profile, an online portfolio, or a website. No matter the platform or purpose, many of the strategies and tactics to maintaining an online brand are similar. Here are a few recommendations that I’ve come up with in regard to LinkedIn. The below image was part of my graduate experience at Iowa State University Business Career Services.

  1. Edit Public Profile & URL
    • By customizing your URL, you can place it on
      your resume for employers to find you.
  2. Experience, Education, Volunteer
    • Think strategically about what qualifies as experience, then delegate extra involvement to the Education and Volunteer sections. The most important experience should stand out in the Experience section.
  3. Professional Summary
    • This snapshot should be professional, personal, and inviting. Tell the audience about your experience and if you are seeking employment.
  4. Headline
    • Include the institution you are attending, major, classification (fr, so, jr, sr), and your career goal.
  5. Professional Photo
    • Have a professional-looking, well-lit, and neutral
      background photo. No selfies, group shots, or low-quality images.
  6. Visual Anchors
    • Use a background picture to make your profile more appealing! This image could tell your network about your college experience.
  7. Skills & Endorsements
    • What common skills are listed in job descriptions? Include these in your Skills section. Encourage your connections to endorse you.


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